happy gobels and other relatives

My first exhibition of 29 paintings side by side


I find inspiration in organic structures and forms, I feel relief and joy in the jellyfish looking figures, that almost always sneakes into my paintings, I call them "gobels". To me they are symboles of the beginning of all life. Colors are more than welcome, they seem to find a way themselves .



Exhibitioned 2014



happy gobels and other relatives

Skødstrup Lægepraksis

8541 Skødstrup.


happy gobels and other relatives

Spanien 1

8000 Århus C.



happy gobels and other relative


Voldbjergvej 12

8240 Risskov.



roots to follow


My latest collection of paintings, ready for exhibition 2015


Some happy gobels and a couple of relatives were sold, and the family was spread out. During the fall 2014 and early spring 2015, new lines and colors came true, a new collection of paintings is now ready for exhibition.

Multi colorfull paintings, build up in layers, as in every human's life with roots to follow. We all contain different stories, some is obvious some is underneath. I wish to light up minds with happy, joyfull and slighly floating impressions, and maybe turn a grey day into colors.


Next exhibition 2015




8000 Århus C

5.maj - 6.juli 2015